Mobile Applications, also shortly known as mobile apps, are a child of the modern developments in the use of technology. It is a one-of-a-kind of software application that a user installs in their smartphone. It gives the user a similar experience like your website but with a faster and more personalised experience. Mobile applications were initially intended for emails, calendars, calculators, etc. but as time passed by, their usages also became more dynamic and we are not expecting them to stop anytime soon.

But How Does a Mobile Application Help Your Business To Grow?

One of the biggest concern for growing businesses is to obtain a loyal customer base. A mobile application is an easy way to do so. How you ask? When a user has installed your application on their phones, they will get recent updates about offers, deals, etc. which might make them redirect towards your application thus getting you sales and racking up that money on your desk.

Mobile applications also offer a very personalised experience for a user. You can enable features in your application through which they can receive notifications which have their names or something pertaining to their search results. You can also have loyalty programmes like referral through which one user can encourage their loved ones to download and use your app, which in turn becomes beneficial for you.

Our Mobile App Development Services

The Process We Follow for Mobile App Development Services


In this phase, we identify the target users, research the competition by exploring similar apps in the store, define the goals and objectives of the app based on your business strategy and finally select the right development platform for your app.

Analysis and Planning

At this stage, we transform the app idea into an actual project by defining use cases and analyzing detailed functional requirements. After defining the complete scope of work, we divide it into multiple delivery milestones.

UI/UX Design

This is a crucial phase of the development as it needs to ensure seamless and effortless user experience along with an attractive look. We proceed through defining the Information Architecture & Workflows, designing the Wireframes, Style Guides & Mockups and finally building the Prototypes.


We engage three different teams of developers for the front-end development, back-end / server technology and API development. We generally follow the agile development approach as it supports developing the apps in iteration.


We perform thorough quality assurance (QA) testing to ensure that the end product is stable, usable and secure. Our activities include user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing and device & platform testing.

Deployment & Support

After thorough testing, we deliver the app to our clients. We ensure a smooth deployment of the app on different app stores. We provide 90 days of free support to fix bugs/issues, if reported any. Last but not the least, we take clients’ call with utmost sincerity for any future support on feature enhancement or version upgrade.

How Can Mastermatics Help You With Your Mobile Application?

At Mastermatics, you can trust us with even a blindfolded eye. With the variety of options that we serve you, you are going to be spoilt for choice. Mastermatics will be your guide right from setting up your mobile application to regularly updating it to match industry standards. What more does one even need especially for start-ups and home-grown businesses?